Could You Pass the Life in the UK Test?

When people immigrate to the UK, there are a number of criteria required to gain citizenship. Along with spending a certain number of years (the number varies depending on other rules), passing an English test, and having no criminal convictions, applicants for British citizenship are required to take the ‘Life in the UK’ test.


According to the Office of National Statistics, latest available data shows that non-UK nationals comprise approximately 11% of the UK labour market. Over 2.1 million are from the EU while the estimate is around 1.9 million for migrants from outside the EU.


Many migrant workers do not currently have permanent residence in the UK. Given the uncertainty surrounding Britain’s relationship with the European Union, non-UK nationals may have concerns regarding the security of their employment and residential tenure.


Thousands of people across the country have taken the citizenship test yet more than 1 in 3 failed. The test, which includes a variety of questions on British history and culture, requires 75% or 18 correct answers from 24 questions. The official test can be taken over again but costs £50 each time (you can try the practice one for free as many times as you like).



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