Do Robots Eat Raisins?

A short story which I wrote in 2011 while working at a play and stay group. I remember the little boy who inspired it, although I do not recall the exact circumstances under which it was inspired.


Do Robots Eat Raisins?


This is a story about a little boy who wants to share his food with a robot. The little boy is called Marvin and the robot is called Rhys.




Picture is my own (it says ‘Rhys’ and ‘Hello Marvin’ in binary)





One day, Marvin took his toy robot to nursery. “Mummy”, said Marvin, “do robots like nursery?”

“I am sure that they do”, said Mummy.

“Can Rhys come to nursery with me every day Mummy?” asked Marvin.

“Robots only sometimes like nursery, Marvin, they don’t like to go every day.” said Mummy.

Marvin settled into nursery with Rhys the Robot by his side. Rhys sat next to him all the time. The teacher read a story. Marvin didn’t usually like stories. He wasn’t very good at keeping still but today he asked his teacher: “Do robots like stories?”

“Yes”, his teacher replied, “robots love all kinds of stories.”


Photo credit Enokson



So, Marvin and Rhys sat very quietly to listen to the story. Then it was time to play.  Marvin liked to play but he didn’t always like to share. Today, he asked his friends, “Do robots like to share?”

“I think they do.” said Marvin’s friends. “OK”, said Marvin. “My robot called Rhys would like to share all of the toys with you.”

Then it was time to go inside, and have a drink and a snack.

“What do we have for our snack today?” asked Marvin.

The teacher showed Marvin everything the children could choose. There were apples, grapes, raisins, bananas, cheese, and carrots, and the children could choose milk or water to drink.

“I don’t like any of those things.” complained Marvin.


6941591968_7b00c27403_z (2)
Photo credit Leigh Anne McConnaughey

“Would you like to have a taste of apple?” asked the teacher?

“No thanks”, said Marvin.

“How about banana?” she asked.

“No thanks” said Marvin.

“What about raisins?” the teacher continued.

“No thanks”, insisted Marvin.

“I know”, said the teacher, “do robots eat bananas?

“No, I don’t think robots like bananas. They are too squishy”, said Marvin.

“Do robots like apples?” asked the teacher.

“No, they are too hard for robots to eat”, Said Marvin.

“OK”, said the teacher, “do robots like raisins?”

“Yes”, said Marvin, “they are just the right size for robots.”

So Marvin listened to his teacher and he shared some raisins with Rhys the robot. Soon after, it was time for Mummy to fetch Marvin from nursery. Mummy asked Marvin all about his day. He told her that he did everything that robots liked to do.



Marvin feeding Rhys some raisins



“Mummy”, he said, “if I can’t take my toy robot to nursery every day, do you think I could be a robot every day?”

“Well”, said Mummy, if you are going to be so good and share and try new things then you can be anything you want to be.”

“OK Mummy”, said Marvin. And, from then on, Marvin was really good all the time. (OK, not ALL of the time – that would be impossible – but most of the time!).


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