Swanswell Park

These images of Swanswell Park were taken on 28th January 2017. All images are my own.


Archway entrance Stoney Stanton Road



These are some photographs which I took at Swanswell Park, Coventry. As you can see from the pictures, there are swans, geese, and other birds.



The water here is known as Swanswell Pool, and is the only surviving part of what was once a lake called Babba Luca. Coventry – Now and Then


Around since the 12th Century, the pool is thought to have originated as a medieval monastic fishpond. (Coventry City Council)


View of pool looking towards White Street entrance



The park and pool are just on the edge of Coventry City Centre, around half way between City College and Lady Herbert’s Gardens. Along with the Gardens, Swanswell Park could be considered one of Coventry’s ‘hidden gems’, an historical landscape amid the modern city.



I don’t know what this is. If someone more knowledgeable on the subject would enlighten me, I’d love to know and I’ll update this caption.




Bird Street entrance




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