Review: The Fuzzy Duck


My soup starter. Love the pot it came in!

The Fuzzy Duck, formerly The Rugger Tavern, is a pub and kitchen. It is located in the English Midlands, in the town of Nuneaton. This is a review from a visit on 14th January 2017.


My big son’s (referred to hereafter as R) birthday and we decided to go out for a meal. We thought it best to book as it was a Saturday. I booked online and my son called to confirm the booking. We got there just before the time we’d booked, and were shown to our table by the lovely waiting staff.

I had been once before with my youngest (F) and my partner (D). We’d had a Sunday lunch, which we’d enjoyed. R and his Dad (who joined us and I’ll refer to him as BT) had not been since it’s been The Fuzzy Duck so this was their first time.

The atmosphere was lovely, the place was clean and relaxed. Not too noisy. No children other than mine so that was great! So it is family friendly but not a ‘family’ pub. ie. children can go in for a meal but it’s geared towards adults. We could not fault the staff or the service. We were asked if F wanted the children’s menu or the main menu. The service was efficient and there were plenty of staff so that, despite being busy, everything we ordered was brought to the table within a reasonable amount of time.

The food was good. We enjoyed what we had. Starters were lovely. I had vegetable soup, which was served with some really lovely, soft and sweet (but not too sweet) bread and some ‘posh’ butter (I don’t know what it was exactly but it was really nice). R had goat’s cheese, F had garlic bread (a whole garlic bread pizza) and BT had the same as I did.

Everyone seemed to like their main courses although I was a little disappointed with my roasted fish. I’d chosen roasted fish with rice and cherry tomatoes, and a side of seasonal vegetables thinking that would be a healthy option. There was so much parsley sauce that I couldn’t really taste anything else, and the cherry tomatoes and vegetables had seemingly been drowned in oil or butter. It was OK but I prefer my food to taste of what it is and not of oil and sauce. It also defeated the purpose of choosing a healthier option. Anyway, that was the only complaint really. R enjoyed his steak, BT enjoyed his chicken, and F enjoyed his chicken goujons and fries.

Pudding was lovely too. BT had a cheesecake, R had a cheeseboard (which I thought was nice to see on the dessert menu, you don’t see such things often), F had 3 scoops of chocolate ice-cream, and I had a tiramasu. I couldn’t remember if I even liked tiramasu but I did. It was absolutely delicious.

The cost wasn’t too bad. A little on the pricey side but worth it for a special occasion. Saying that, considering that the food was, overall, very nice and they were good portions, and the service is outstanding, the price was definitely worth it. I think it worked out around £30 per person for 3 courses and 2 drinks each.

I will definitely go again, and I would recommend it.


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