New and Updated Ventures


Outdoor, hands-on learning


I will be adding a new page to the site with more information but wanted to write a brief introduction here as well. This is an informal blog, and I will add a more formal promotional blog soon.

As advertised on my About Page, I am available for various writing work. I am also currently working as a personal tutor, which is a part of my repertoire I’d like to expand. As well as these, I am going to devote more time to crafts.

For now, I shall be focusing on building up the education part of my business. Personal tutoring will be available in my local area, North Warwickshire, UK (although remote tutoring may be possible, depending on the subject). Available academic subjects are Maths and English (from Early Years to GCSE, specialising in Primary KS1 and KS2), and I will also be offering lessons/workshops in various crafts if there is enough interest.

So that’s my brief introduction to what’s happening with my businesses. Please feel free to share information, and be sure to revisit for more detailed information once I’ve added the Education Page.



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