Click Mechanic (review)


Cars can be expensive at times. It’s not always easy to find a good mechanic at a good price, especially when the vehicle is not drivable. Adding the extra cost of towing to a garage to the price of parts and labour can lead to thinking it may be cheaper, and less hassle, to buy a new car.

There are some online sites through which a mechanic can be booked. These are, however, often local mechanics at local garages. Clickmechanic has qualified and experienced mechanics all over the UK. Simply use the online booking request system for a clear and accurate quote. Clickmechanic aims to have someone available at a convenient time for the customer. The mechanics are mobile so no need to worry about trying to get the car to a garage. Where possible, the mechanic will complete work at the customer’s address.

Personal Review: My experience with Clickmechanic has been exemplary. So far, I’ve had to have a couple of inspections and, each time, the mechanic has quickly diagnosed the problem. The price is always good and no hidden charges, just the price quoted. Most recently, I had to call someone out because of a problem with the cooling system as well as a leak and odd noises coming from the engine. I requested a mechanic for between 12 and 2pm the next day. Within an hour, I had an email confirming the name of the mechanic plus the price of the inspection. The mechanic had a look and told me exactly what was wrong. I did have to arrange for another mechanic to do the work. But, with all of the relevant information about the parts needed and what was wrong, it was easy to return to Clickmechanic. There was nobody available for the specific time I had requested (but I had made the request less than 24 hours before I wanted the work done. I had a call to let me know that no mechanic would be available at my desired time but offered a convenient alternative. I will definitely use Click mechanic again. Not least because I know that they will always come out so, if I’m not sure if the car is safe to drive, I don’t need to worry about that. This was a great thing today because I didn’t want to risk driving and, as it turned out, the mechanic told me that it wouldn’t have been safe to do so.



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