My Farewell to The BIP


I have worked as an unpaid intern with The BIP Online since June. I have enjoyed it. I have learned thing and, in all honesty, had it been paid, I would never have considered leaving. The best thing was that it truly fit around family and everything else. My intention was to gain experience and build a career in journalism. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, this wasn’t to be. I am still available for freelance work (as detailed on my Home Page), and I hope to still be asked to contribute occasionally to the BIP and, hopefully, return to a more permanent role in journalism when the time is right. The following is a short article which I wrote to say goodbye. The article can also be seen here.

BIP reporter signing off…

After joining in June 2016, Rebecca Lucas has been editing for The BIP as well as offering her own contributions as both a writer and photographer. After just three months, Rebecca is moving on to pastures new.

She says:

“I have enjoyed working the The BIP online, and I am grateful for the opportunity. I have now been offered a new role with new challenges. At The BIP, I have had the chance to experience my dream job, although I am moving on to something completely different. I have loved the learning during my time with The BIP. I have learned a lot, and gained so much experience in the short time I have been here. I am glad of that and I thank Don Dhaliwal for giving me the chance to show that I could do it. If I could continue with both roles, I would but I had to make a choice and I chose something new.”

Rebecca is looking forward to the challenges of a new role with Welcome Break, although she will miss working for The BIP. She has also confirmed that she is still available as an occasional writer.


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