Ideas Please!


I was sending emails to people whose stories I’ve published today. Eleven stories published. Eleven emails sent.

I then went to check for emails with more stories. All the emails were responses with either a ‘thank you’ or an automated response. So I looked on a couple of sites to see if I could get inspiration to write something myself. Either something for work, or something for here. I did not feel inspired by much.

I love writing articles on all sorts of things. I just don’t seem to be very inspired at the moment.

I had an idea. Well, someone else suggested it. As I am quite ‘vocal’ on some advice/opinion pages on social media, a friend of mine said that I give good advice, and suggested that I should be an Agony Aunt.

I admit that it is something I have considered. I even created a second WordPress site, which I intended to use for that purpose. However, I deleted the second site before even starting.

I thought about adding an agony aunt/advice section to this site but I’m not familiar enough, nor technically-minded enough to set it out in the way I want. What I would really like to do is create an online magazine, with different categories – stories, articles, horoscopes, advice, etc. You know, the kind of thing found in your average magazine except with more interesting things.

One problem I have is my eclectic tastes. That is to say, I probably wouldn’t have a theme as such, it would just turn out to be random.

I also felt that I would risk trying to do too many things, and I realised I already have several other websites which I don’t use. So, it might not be a good idea to add to that list.

The intention for this site was to mainly write articles, with the odd review of a place (day trips, restaurants, shops, towns, attractions, etc) or a product  (mostly table-top games). I didn’t want it to become just another blog about me and my life. So I’d like to ask my readers to offer suggestions of topics – I’ll consider them all and write about those I know and/or can research well.

I would also like opinions on setting up an advice/agony aunt site or adding such a thing here. Get in touch with topics, opinions, if you have a story or questions you would be willing to have posted on an advice page (which I may open up with comments from other readers so it’s not just my opinion). Use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

Thanks in advance, and hopefully I’ll have some ideas to keep me going.





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