Day Out Review: Alcester


Ebony, Frankie, Rhys
The kids (E, F, and R) outside The Boot Inn, Flyford Flavell


This is a personal blog story. It’s school summer holidays and I’m working from home. It’s three weeks into the six week holiday.

We’d usually have a day trip or two each week (depending on work and finances) but, while we’ve been to the cinema and to local free events, it was nice to arrange a proper day out today! My other half (he’s called D) wanted to come with us but he wasn’t very well. He’s spent the day feeling guilty about that! I took my two boys (R and F) F’s friend (she’s hiding behind the menu in the picture. I shall call her E).

I kept seeing places I’d been before, or thinking of places and trying to remember them. One such place was a pub I went to a few years ago, called The Boot, in a village called Flyford Flavell (I love that name). I had told D about it, and he realised he’d been there too. We decided we would have to go together. Well, as I said, he wasn’t well but I did take the children. I’m glad I did.

The Boot is such a lovely pub. It was quiet when we went in. I don’t think there was anyone there other than us and the staff. I’ve just remembered, the little ones were given a lollipop and I forgot about them. They’re still in my bag.

The pub got quite busy when it came to lunch time. We had ordered early so we were finishing as the pub began to get packed.

We started with a drink outside on the front lawn. Well, a few tables on the grass by the car park (which, by the way, is quite large). We perused the menus. R chose the biggest, most expensive thing on the menu. The little ones chose chicken goujons, chips, and peas (not that either of them ate the peas), and I chose a swordfish salad. We all had starters too. Little ones both had garlic bread. E was so full after that, she hardly ate her main. Had I realised it would be four large slices, I’d have had them share. I had salmon and prawn cocktail, and R had caesar salad. I must say that the food was delicious. I enjoyed my starter more than the main. I had never tried swordfish before, so I wasn’t sure whether to do so. I’m glad I did because it turns out I like it.

The service was lovely. The staff were really friendly. We sat in the conservatory to eat, and the little ones took some photos outside on the patio. It’s a really beautiful pub in a really beautiful village. I noticed there were a lot of pubs in the area.

After lunch, we went into the market town of Alcester. The main attraction was its Roman Heritage Museum. It’s just a small place but it’s full of Roman finds, information about excavations, and toys and costumes to try. At the Museum, the volunteers talked to us about it, then offered us a pack to complete a trail around the town. We did some of it but we got tired after a while. There were lots of things to find. Although, I admit, I remembered a shop in the town, called The Whispering Witch (I hadn’t remembered the name, I had to look it up) and couldn’t remember where it was. I was disappointed to discover later that it had closed down a few years ago. Sadly, some people had a problem with the Pagan owners and drove them out. I could make a whole article about that but I won’t. It’s a shame. I don’t remember the lady (called Raven) but I remember the man (Albion). Such a lovely man, and a nice little shop. I don’t know what happened to them but I hope they set up somewhere else and have been successful.

But back to the point. The walk around the town took us around a few streets (it’s only a small town). We visited St. Nicholas church, which has its clock in an odd position. There were some things on the trail which we couldn’t find, and there was a film crew filming something down Butter Street so we couldn’t really hang around there looking for things.

We did have a nice time, though, it’s a lovely place for a wander, with its Tudor buildings, and open gardens. I was expecting to have to find something else to do for half the day but we did spend about 4 hours between the Museum and the town.

We were all rather tired when we got back.

Tomorrow’s plan is to pick up my Dad and my niece in the morning. Dad’s coming to help with gardening. Niece is coming to play. I will have to spend most of the day catching up with the work I didn’t do today.

If anyone wants more information about anything in this blog, just ask. I’ll give any information I can, and point you in the right direction of anything I can’t.



One thought on “Day Out Review: Alcester

  1. Sounds like you all had a really good day. 🙂 It’s a shame the witchy shop closed down, they were really nice people. (I really didn’t like the cellar though!)

    I think I’d like a day out there, the pub sounds lovely too.

    I hope you have fun with niece today. 🙂


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